"...this film is an exercise in the extreme existence of humanity, and for that, if not the inherent quality of the film itself, you should watch it. 7/10”

~Papa Bacchus, Horribly Hooched~





William has a rare inherited disorder called CIPA, which stands for congenital insensitivity to pain. Only 300 to 400 individuals in the world have this disorder. William cannot feel pain or pleasure, hot or cold, or any physical sensations. William, a loner, falls in love with Mia and experiences emotions he thought he could never experience. This drives him to understand pain and physical sensations to help him become closer to Mia by kidnapping unsuspecting victims and putting them through “therapies” to help him understand if pain is beautiful.


This very unique film is told from three different perspectives giving an almost Rashomon feel. Sit back and enjoy a unique filmmaking style that only true Independent filmmakers can bring.